The Network gathers researchers, students, professionals, and others working in the field of road safety in Quebec to contribute to the development of research and innovation. Its general mission is the advancement, sharing and dissemination of knowledge and innovation in parallel with the training of researchers.


General objectives:

  • Develop research capacity, as well as the quality and quantity of knowledge in the field of road safety in Quebec, aiming for innovation in this field.
  • Leveraging the Network's infrastructure to achieve a diversification of themes, topics and approaches in order to maximize investment in road safety research.
  • Contribute to the emergence and consolidation of nuclei of researchers from different disciplines and diverse backgrounds.
  • Collaborate in the training of researchers and highly qualified personnel.
  • Encourage interactivity between researchers at the national and international levels.

Specific objectives:

  • Bring together researchers, partners and users to identify research needs.
  • Act as a broker and matchmaker between the research offer and the needs expressed by partners and users.
  • Promote networking between road safety researchers and scientific events.
  • Encourage and support the transfer of knowledge to decision-makers in governance positions and to anyone working in the field of road safety.
  • Participate proactively in the public dissemination of the scientific results of research carried out by the members of the Network and contribute to their popularization.